Steering Committee

Driving Economic Development with Strategic Leadership

As the governing body, the Steering Committee plays a vital role in incorporating feedback and data from the Affinity and Sub Regional Tables. Informed by this information and guided by the overall Governance Structure, they make crucial decisions concerning the region's design and implementation of strategies for Los Angeles County.

The committee's responsibilities encompass key designs in Phase 1 of the Regional Strategy, including finalizing the Economic Development and Transition Roadmap and prioritizing implementation projects through Project Strategies. These decisions are driven by data analysis and need assessments, combined with substantial input from the Affinity and Subregional Tables, Hub Leads, and the Stewardship Committee. Moving on to Phase 2, the Steering Committee defines goals/outcomes and determines the types of data to be utilized. Additionally, they contribute to the Outreach and Engagement Strategy and lead the Implementation Strategy.

With its comprehensive decision-making process and collaborative approach, the Steering Committee plays a critical role in shaping and executing the CJF's strategies, paving the way for a sustainable and impactful future for the region. Learn more about the Roles and Responsibilities of the Steering Committee: Click Here.

Meet the Steering Committee

The Steering Committee consists of 38 elected representatives who encompass influential voices from government, labor, business, industry, and community stakeholders. This committee serves as the primary decision-making entity for the LA HRTC.

A significant majority of the Steering Committee's positions are reserved for leaders rooted in community-based organizations within disinvested communities. These leaders are deeply engaged with grassroots initiatives and community-driven approaches. 

In alignment with the proposal, the formation of the Steering Committee involved selecting representatives from the Affinity and Subregional Tables, Hub Leads, essential CJF-related stakeholder groups, and community members chosen through a selective process. Among the seats in the Community-Based Leaders subgroup, 12 positions will be specifically designated for leaders of the Affinity Hub Areas.

Additionally, the Fiscal Agent and Regional Convener will hold non-voting seats on the Steering Committee.

Steering Committee Leadership:

Kevin Harbour

Chair Kevin Harbour

/ Biz Fed Institute /

Kevin Harbour, Sr. is a California native with extensive experience at Fortune 100 companies such as Xerox, Digital Equipment Corporation (now Hewlett Packard), and Verizon. He is currently the Chief Development Officer and president of the BizFed Institute at BizFed. In addition, he has been involved in various volunteer roles, including serving as the UCLA Black Alumni Association's Past President and participating in community initiatives. 

Andrea Slater

Vice Chair (A) Andrea Slater

/ UCLA Labor Center /

Andrea Slater, Director of CARE at Work at the UCLA Labor Center, is an experienced political campaign director and policy and community advocate. She has managed campaigns and leadership roles in organizations like CA Common Cause and SEIU. Andrea is also a faculty member at Laney College, holding degrees in Political Science and History from UCLA, along with a Master's in Public Policy from UC, Irvine.


Vice Chair (B) Stella Ursua

/ GRID Alternatives LA /

Stella Ursua's work involves bridging local governments, community organizations, and nonprofits to ensure equitable access to clean energy and mobility grants. She is dedicated to providing resources for vulnerable community members, like justice-involved individuals, veterans, and at-risk youth, to access workforce training and green careers with a lasting impact on their lives and communities.

Affinity Hub Leads: 

The Steering Committee includes 12 elected Affinity Hub Leads, who have a dual mandate to strengthen and shape representation in the decision-making process while also driving community engagement efforts.

  1. Employers/Business - Kevin Harbour - Biz Fed Institute 

  2. Labor and Workers - Brady Collins | KIWA

  3. Institutional & Government - Kelly LoBianco | County of Los Angeles Department of Economic Opportunity 

  4. Youth - Cheyanne Capelo | Lost Angels Children's Project

  5. Families - Bobby Lee Davis III | Dylette Family Foundation 

  6. Economic Development - Tunua Thrash-Ntuk | The Center by Lendistry 

  7. Homeless, Veterans, and Seniors - Linda Kelly | Fathers and Mothers Who Care

  8. Civic Engagement/Place-Based Coalitions - Benjamin Torres | Community Development Technologies Center 

  9. Underemployed Adults - Jessica Quintana | Centro CHA

  10. Sustainability - Stella Ursua | GRID Alternatives Greater Los Angeles (GLA) 

  11. Academia - Andrea Slater | UCLA Labor Center 

  12. Immigrants - Sejal Patel | Rising Communities (formerly Community Health Councils)

General Steering Committee:


  1. Dr. Narineh Makijan - Los Angeles Regional Consortium 

Business and Industry

  1. Luis Portillo - San Gabriel Valley Economic Partnership

Community-Based Leaders

  1. Libby Williams - Vermont Slauson Economic Development Corporation
  2. Toni Symonds - American Indian Chamber of Commerce of California
  3. Derek Steele - Social Justice Learning Institute
  4. Rudy Espinoza - Inclusive Action for the City
  5. Veronica Padilla - Pacoima Beautiful
  6. Ricardo Mendoza - Coalition for Responsible Community Development CRCD
  7. Robert Sausedo - Community Build Inc
  8. Zahirah Mann - South Los Angeles Transit Empowerment Zone (SLATE-Z)
  9. Drew Mercy - Antelope Valley Economic Development and Growth Enterprise (AV EDGE)
  10. Hyepin Im - Faith and Community Empowerment (FACE)
  11. Matt Horton - Milken Institute
  12. Sharon Evans - Business Resource Group CDC

Municipal Partners: 

  1. Rita Kampalath - LA County Chief Sustainability Office 


  1. Krystal Romero - LA County Federation of Labor AFL-CIO
  2. Eddie Alvarez - LA/OC Building Trades Council 
  3. Adine Forman - LA Hospitality and Training Academy (Unite HERE Local 11)
  4. Patrick Hogg - Worker Education and Resource Center (SEIU 721)
  5. Jorge Villanueva - SEIU-United Healthcare Workers
  6. Salvador Vasquez - International Association of Machinists & Aerospace Workers

Resident | Workers:

  1. Jennifer Zellet
  2. Kevin Clark
  3. Sam Lewis
  4. Dr. Najuma Smith
  5. Steven D. Turner