Governance Subcommittee

Building a Strong Foundation: The Governance Subcommittee's Role in CERF

Our Governance Subcommittee has played a pivotal role in shaping the foundation and guiding principles of the CERF program and Steering Committee. Through dedicated efforts and a collaborative spirit, they actively worked towards creating a robust governance framework for our High Road Transition Collaborative.

One of our primary focuses has been to determine shared values and address governance requirements through open and inclusive territory and group dialogues. Thought-provoking questions have guided their progress, allowing them to delve deep into the key aspects of governance that align with the vision and objectives of our initiative.

Our subcommittee members have taken on the responsibility of shaping the governance model itself, ensuring that it reflects the core principles of transparency, inclusivity, and effective decision-making. Together, they have developed a comprehensive framework that serves as a strong backbone for the Los Angeles High Road Transition Collaborative, fostering an environment where all voices are heard and valued.

As of August 2023, the Governance Subcommittee has completed its mandate and has officially dissolved after successfully establishing the CERF Governance Model. We are excited to pass on the torch to the newly seated Steering Committee, knowing that they will carry forward the founding principles of our framework. 


CERF LA HRTC Governance Model:

The CERF Governance Model operates through the collaborative efforts of the Affinity and Sub-Regional Tables, the Steering Committee, and the Stewardship Committee. These groups work together, ensuring a smooth flow of data and information throughout the process. 

The Affinity and Subregional Tables actively engage in outreach and receive feedback from targeted stakeholders, enabling the development of an inclusive economic regional plan. The valuable insights and data collected by these tables are then shared with the Steering Committee. 

As the validating body, the Steering Committee incorporates the feedback and data received from the Affinity and Subregional tables. They make informed decisions based on this information and provide guidance for the governance structure as a whole. The Stewardship Committee plays a vital role in implementing the decisions made by the Governance Body. They serve as facilitators and technical advisors, ensuring that the decisions are effectively translated into action. 

Through this collaborative process, the data and information flow from the Affinity and Subregional Tables to the Steering Committee and then to the Stewardship Committee, ensuring a coordinated and inclusive approach within the CERF Governance Model.