Table Partner Leads

Amplifying Underrepresented Perspectives in Economic Development

Table Partner Leads play a pivotal role in advancing the objectives of small businesses and other underrepresented populations that necessitate specialized attention in data gathering and comprehensive planning. These Leads are instrumental in ensuring that the voices of these underrepresented groups are heard and their needs are addressed in the regional economic development process.

As catalysts for progress, Table Partner Leads receive essential funding to convene and collaborate with these underrepresented groups. Through their facilitation, these groups actively participate in the economic development process, contributing valuable insights, ideas, and perspectives. This inclusivity empowers underrepresented populations and will foster a sense of ownership and investment in the region's economic growth.

Bridging Voices


Table Partner Leads bridge the gap between stakeholders and decision-makers, promoting effective communication and understanding. By bringing together diverse perspectives, they create a more holistic and well-rounded approach to economic planning, ensuring that no voice goes unheard and no community is left behind. Through their efforts, the economic development roadmap becomes a shared endeavor, one that reflects the true needs and aspirations of all members of the community.

List of Partners


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