SPA-Based Subregional Tables

Amplifying Community Voices: The Crucial Role of SPA-Based Subregional Tables in Regional Economic Development

Ninety SPA-based Subregional Tables are being funded at ten thousand each to ensure comprehensive coverage across the nine Service Planning Areas, with ten grantees representing each area. This approach fosters regional diversity and a wide range of perspectives, contributing to an effective and inclusive planning process. By conducting outreach, engaging, and gathering data from constituents in local service planning areas, the Subregional Table Leads ensure that community lived experience is factored into the LA HRTC planning process.

The Subregional Table Leads promote local participation in the planning process and work to engage community members in both the outreach and planning phases of the LA HRTC initiative. Subregional Table Leads share research findings to promote LA HRTC activities and engage local stakeholders to participate in the LA HRTC geographic and racial planning forums event and data collection process. In the dynamic landscape of regional economic development in Los Angeles County, the Subregional Table Leads have been strategically assigned specific thematic areas within each Service Planning Area (SPA).

Inclusive Economic Planning


These 90 dedicated community-based organizations shall play a vital role in fostering the development of a comprehensive planning process that charts the course for progress. Their core responsibilities encompass community outreach, and engagement to gather community input, and lived experience data, share research findings, and facilitate local discussions to offer insights into key community needs, promote local participation in region-wide and local solutions and offer valuable insights into key needs.

List of Partners


Subregional Table: Service Planning Area | Thematic Area Organization's Name:
SPA 1 Civic-Engagement & Place-Based Coalitions United American Indian Involvement, Inc.
SPA 1 Economic Development The American Aerospace Technical Academy INC
SPA 1 Environmental Sustainability FACE - Faith & Community Empowerment
SPA 1 Families Olive Support Services
SPA 1 Homeless Veterans & Seniors The Community Action League (TCAL)
SPA 1 Immigrants Transitions 2 Success
SPA 1 Labor & Workers Anchor of Hope International Ministries, Inc.
SPA 1 Underemployed Adults Paving the Way Foundation
SPA 1 Youth Antelope Valley Partners for Health
SPA 2 Civic-Engagement & Place-Based Coalitions Main Street Canoga Park
SPA 2 Economic Development Parents Educators-Teachers and Students in Action
SPA 2 Employers & Business Youth Business Alliance
SPA 2 Environmental Sustainability The Valley Economic Alliance
SPA 2 Families Pass It Forward Foundation
SPA 2 Homeless Veterans & Seniors Estira Respira
SPA 2 Immigrants Pars Equality Center, Los Angeles
SPA 2 Labor & Workers Friends For Injured Workers
SPA 2 Underemployed Adults The Social Impact Center
SPA 2 Youth Nashton Innitiative Inc
SPA 3 Civic-Engagement & Place-Based Coalitions San Gabriel Valley Economic Partnership
SPA 3 Economic Development Fear For Breakfast
SPA 3 Employers & Business Pauly's Project
SPA 3 Environmental Sustainability Sustainable Claremont
SPA 3 Families The Common Good LA
SPA 3 Homeless Veterans & Seniors Peregrinos de Emaus
SPA 3 Immigrants Gente Organizada
SPA 3 Labor & Workers Native Development Network
SPA 3 Underemployed Adults Para Los Niños
SPA 3 Youth Asian Youth Center
SPA 4 Civic-Engagement & Place-Based Coalitions Creating Justice Los Angeles
SPA 4 Economic Development Chinatown Service Center
SPA 4 Employers & Business Grid110
SPA 4 Environmental Sustainability Asian Americans for Housing and Environmental Justice
SPA 4 Families Victory Resources
SPA 4 Homeless Veterans & Seniors World Mission University
SPA 4 Immigrants Los Angeles House of Ruth
SPA 4 Labor & Workers Barcid Foundation
SPA 4 Underemployed Adults Program for Torture Victims
SPA 4 Youth Mentor For Change
SPA 5 Civic-Engagement & Place-Based Coalitions Change The Tune 
SPA 5 Economic Development NAWBO-LA
SPA 5 Environmental Sustainability AltaSea at the Port of Los Angeles
SPA 5 Families Black Women for Wellness
SPA 5 Homeless Veterans & Seniors Beautiful Butterfly Community Corp
SPA 5 Immigrants Kim Eung Hwa Korean Dance Company
SPA 5 Labor & Workers Miguel Contreras Foundation
SPA 5 Underemployed Adults PlayWerks and Whizgirls Academy
SPA 5 Youth Accelerated Radio School of Broadcasting
SPA 6a Civic-Engagement & Place-Based Coalitions Mt Salem Missionary Baptist Church 
SPA 6a Economic Development Blacks In Motion Community Development
SPA 6a Employers & Business Conaxion Inc
SPA 6a Environmental Sustainability Lend A Ear
SPA 6a Families Chica Helping Inner City Adolescent 
SPA 6a Homeless Veterans & Seniors CATER TO THE STREETS
SPA 6a Immigrants Alliance for a Better Community
SPA 6a Labor & Workers Community Partners fbo LA Commons
SPA 6a Underemployed Adults So Cal Ceasefire Committee
SPA 6a Youth Filling the Lack, Inc.
SPA 6b Civic-Engagement & Place-Based Coalitions Community Build Inc.
SPA 6b Economic Development Praise Sanctuary Ministries
SPA 6b Employers & Business Black Business Association
SPA 6b Environmental Sustainability Open Arms Food Pantry and Resource Center
SPA 6b Families Broomhomestead Inc.
SPA 6b Homeless Veterans & Seniors Sunday Supper
SPA 6b Immigrants Turning Point Alcohol and Drug Education Program Inc.
SPA 6b Labor & Workers Detours Mentoring Group Inc
SPA 6b Underemployed Adults Urban Excellence, Inc.
SPA 6b Youth Living Advantage, Inc. (LA, Inc.)
SPA 7 Civic-Engagement & Place-Based Coalitions Southeast Los Angeles Collaborative
SPA 7 Economic Development Instituto de Avance Integral Latino CDC
SPA 7 Employers & Business SEP UNITED, Inc
SPA 7 Environmental Sustainability Watts Clean Air and Energy Committee/Wattskanda
SPA 7 Families 4Elite Training Academy, Inc.
SPA 7 Homeless Veterans & Seniors Bithiah's Family Services
SPA 7 Immigrants Healing and Justice Center
SPA 7 Labor & Workers YMCA of Greater Whittier
SPA 7 Underemployed Adults Humanity Heroes Foundation
SPA 7 Youth Rainbow Labs
SPA 8 Civic-Engagement & Place-Based Coalitions Elite Skills Development
SPA 8 Economic Development Aidan’z House 
SPA 8 Employers & Business Hermosa Beach Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau
SPA 8 Environmental Sustainability South Bay Center for Counseling
SPA 8 Homeless Veterans & Seniors Anphon Corporation DBA Anphon Medical Center
SPA 8 Immigrants Long Beach BLAST (Better Learning for All Students Today)
SPA 8 Labor & Workers Fly Like An Eagle Outreach, Inc.
SPA 8 Underemployed Adults CityHeArt
SPA 8 Youth Long Beach Bar Foundation