O & E Subcommittee

Empowering Communities: CJF's Inclusive Outreach Efforts

At the heart of the California Jobs First program lies a passionate commitment to uplift and empower disinvested communities, and the Outreach and Engagement Subcommittee has been instrumental in bringing this vision to life. They have developed robust outreach and engagement hubs within the CJF program.

One of the core objectives of the subcommittee has been to seek valuable input from the very communities they aim to serve. Through open dialogues and inclusive discussions, they have actively sought feedback on the most effective and meaningful ways to conduct outreach within these communities. The subcommittee firmly believes that involving community members in the decision-making process is paramount to fostering a strong sense of ownership and trust in the CJF initiative.

Listening to the voices of those directly impacted by disinvestment has been central to the subcommittee's approach. They have diligently incorporated the findings from these engagement sessions into the foundational principles of the CJF program. By doing so, they ensure that the outreach efforts are not only impactful but also responsive to the unique needs and aspirations of the communities they serve.

As of August 2023, the Outreach and Engagement Subcommittee has completed its mandate and has officially dissolved after the successful establishment of the CJF Governance Model and Steering Committee. We are excited to pass on the torch to the newly seated Steering Committee, knowing that they will carry forward the founding principles of our framework.