Presenting the California Jobs First - Los Angeles High Road Transition Collaborative: Fostering and Empowering Economic Resilience with Over 400 Members from the Public, Private, and Non-Profit Sectors.

Table Partner Leads

We are excited to announce the recipients of the Table Partner Lead funding opportunity, representing specific industry sectors. 

Regional Report Part 1

We are pleased to release the final submission of the Los Angeles Regional Plan Report Part 1 for the California Jobs First Program. This report offers a comprehensive analysis of Los Angeles County’s socioeconomic landscape, emphasizing equity and inclusion in economic planning.

Data Accountability Tool

Beacon Economics has developed the Data Accountability tool, a comprehensive resource for analyzing various aspects of industries, occupations, wages, and education providers across Los Angeles County. 




The creation of the California Jobs First (formerly CERF), aims to facilitate a sustainable and just rebound from the economic challenges posed by COVID-19. California Jobs First is dedicated to fostering diverse local economies and establishing sustainable industries that generate high-quality employment opportunities accessible to all Californians.

In pursuit of this objective, a total of $600 million will be allocated across thirteen specified regions to support the formulation of tailored economic development strategies. These strategies are geared towards fostering the growth of quality jobs while ensuring equitable access to these opportunities. Our specific region, known as the Los Angeles High Road Transition Collaborative (LA HRTC), operates with the Los Angeles County Economic  Development Corporation (LAEDC) as the Convenor and the California Community Foundation (CCF) as the Fiscal Agent. For more information please review the California Jobs First Fact Sheet.

Affinity & Subregional Tables

Explore the LA HRTC's outreach and engagement efforts in connecting communities for economic progress. 

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Steering Committee

As the validating body, the Steering Committee provides guidance for the governance structure of the program.

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Discover the impactful Committees driving growth and their contributions to developing regional economic planning. 

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California Jobs First Timeline and Milestones


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