Amplifying Community Voices: The Crucial Role of SPA-Based Micrograntees in Regional Economic Development

In the dynamic landscape of regional economic development in Los Angeles County, the SPA-Based Micrograntees have been strategically assigned specific thematic areas within each Service Planning Area (SPA). These dedicated community-based organizations will play a vital role in the comprehensive planning process that charts the course for progress. Their core responsibilities encompass gathering and synthesizing community input and data, conducting analyses, and offering valuable insights into key needs.

What sets these Micrograntees apart is their active involvement in the co-creation of impactful economic development strategies, nurturing an environment conducive to growth and prosperity. They are the true voice of the communities they represent within the CERF Program, ensuring that the aspirations and concerns of the people they serve remain at the forefront of our regional economic development roadmap.

Inclusive Economic Planning


Ninety SPA-Based Microgrants are being funded to ensure comprehensive coverage across the nine Service Planning Areas, with ten grantees representing each area. This approach fosters diversity and a wide range of perspectives, contributing to an effective and inclusive planning process.

By keeping the public informed and engaged, the Micrograntees promote transparency and active community participation in shaping the region's economic future.

List of Partners


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