Affinity Hub Leads

Building Equitable Spaces: The Dual Responsibilities of Affinity Hub Leads

In pursuit of enhanced stakeholder representation, 12 Affinity Hub Leads champion various thematic areas while focusing on empowering underrepresented subgroups. These Leads play a pivotal role by convening and facilitating discussions, responding to data analysis, sharing valuable insights with other tables, and providing resources for community participation. Additionally, they actively gather feedback and facilitate effective communication channels between stakeholders and the Steering Committee.

Functioning within the Steering Committee, Affinity Hub Leads hold a dual responsibility in enhancing representation and community engagement. Through their endeavors, they empower underrepresented groups, enabling their influential involvement in decision-making processes.







Homeless Veterans & Seniors


Employers & Business


Economic Development

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Civic Engagement & Place Based Coalitions

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Underemployed Adults

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Labor & Workforce

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Government Institutions

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Breakdown of Affinity Hub Areas

Affinity Hub Areas

Affinity Hub Leads

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Employers | Business

 Kevin Harbour - Biz Fed Institute
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Labor | Workers

Brady Collins - Koreatown Immigrant Workers Alliance (KIWA)

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Institutional | Government

Kelly LoBianco - County of Los Angeles Department of Economic Opportunity 

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Cheyanne Capelo - Lost Angels Children's Project
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Bobby Lee Davis III - Dylette Family Foundation 

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Economic Development

Tunua Thrash-Ntuk - The Center by Lendistry 

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Homeless| Veterans | Seniors

Linda Kelly - Fathers and Mothers Who Care

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Civic Eng.| Blased Paced Coalitions

Benjamin Torres - Community Development Technologies Center 

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Underemployed Adults 

Jessica Quintana - Centro CHA

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Stella Ursua - GRID Alternatives Greater Los Angeles (GLA) 

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Andrea Slater - UCLA Labor Center
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Sejal Patel - Rising Communities